Daily Dose: ‘I Need A Connection’ by Jane Weaver

Jane Weaver has released a few different albums over the years, this being from the deluxe version of the most recent of them, 2014’s The Silver Globe. Also, she apparently runs her own record label, which is pretty neat. As far as I can tell, there are a bunch of different versions of this track, but the one I’ve heard the most is the version that clocks in at nearly eight minutes. Don’t let that track length fool you, though, it doesn’t overstay its welcome, at all, it just kind of drifts seductively along in a fairly accessible manner throughout. To be fair, it probably is not for everyone (those distrustful of alternative electronics should probably steer clear), and because it’s so gentle it perhaps doesn’t leave the same impression as some other records, but it has a peace to it that is slightly entrancing and kind of reassuring, like someone had just decided to spend eight minutes giving you positive reaffirmation in the form of relaxing electronica. Consumed with this in mind, I think it’s fantastic, and I’m not worry that it kind of takes place in the background because I feel like that is sort of the point. I haven’t listened to The Silver Globe the whole way through but I suspect I’ll get a real kick out of it, and if you like to unwind to some lovely female vocals over a smooth trance groove, you might as well.


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