Daily Dose: ‘Tahabort’ by Imarhan

Variety is the spice of life, or some such to that rough effect. Because of this, I’ve been trying to listen to more modern African music, and I’ve been really enjoying it. These guys peddle some funky African pop stylings, and it’s a real good time. If you’ve heard Tinariwen and Songhoy Blues, think that kind of action. If you haven’t, check them both out, because they are great. I’ve heard conflicting reports about whether these guys are from Northern Mali or Southern Algeria. You might say that is the same part of Africa, but that’s a bit like saying that Manchester and Liverpool are the same part of the North-West, or that Massachusetts and New Jersey are in the same part of the USA. Either way, the Sahara Desert is their stomping ground, and I just love that it is easy to hear this kind of music now, because it’s the sort of stuff that I would never find out about were it not for radio airplay. You would struggle to listen to this and not enjoy it even a little, even if you might not love it because it’s not your favourite genre or whatever, because it just sounds like a bunch of guys having some fun. Also, this song talks about sauce at least one point (admittedly I don’t know how that translates) which is an under-represented lyric in song. Now I’m wondering what the translated lyrics mean?


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