Daily Dose: ‘Friends’ by Raury

Raury is a hip new young thing from Atlanta, Georgia, and I think he’s pretty great. I first heard ‘God’s Whisper’ on the radio about a year back, and it annoyed the crap out of me because I had no idea who it was by for the longest while. I eventually did find out, and I really adored the track, especially his scratchy shouted delivery, which just sounded so different to everything else I was listening to at the time. There’s none of that on this track (and in fact, this song is preachy as hell), but I like ‘Friends’ regardless. Weirdly, the start is vaguely reminiscent of some 90’s UK alt rock, which is slightly messing with me. This dudes got some serious energy and that’s very rarely a bad thing, and I actually really appreciate the shortage of cynicism in his song-writing, he is 19 years old, after all. It feels a whole lot more honest than some of the young singer-songwriters who want to tell me how everything is awful in their “already more successful than me” lives. Anyway, this is from his debut All We Need, which came out in October, and if you feel like you need more happy uplifting music in your life, you could do far worse than this album. Give this track a whirl, and if it doesn’t have you puking rainbows and unicorns, you should be on fine ground. I don’t mind a bit of musically muddled positive thinking in my life from time to time, that for sure.


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