Daily Dose: ‘Thank God for Girls’ by Weezer

You know what Weezer are about, and so do they. Let’s not smack around the bush, here, Weezer and Pinkerton are two of the best albums of the 90’s, period. On a more personal level, songs like ‘Holiday’ and ‘Butterfly’ will stick with me forever, because I spend my childhood listening to them and they are just that special. What’s amazing, to me, is the fact that they have done so much more output since those days – they’ve released seven albums since then! It’s funny how time sneaks up on you like that. Some of their subsequent output was sneakily good, as well (I’m looking at you, ‘Beverly Hills’), so it’s more a testament to their legacy than anything else that they’re still going on strong 20 plus years later. Anyway, that halcyon period was so for a reason, and they’ve brought back the falsetto backing vocals and distorted guitar, only now meshed it with snappier lyrics and better production. Fundamentally, it’s still got the cleaner, power pop vibe of a lot of their 2000’s work (the less electronic stuff), so whether you like this will probably depend on whether you liked that. Sure, this is cheesy, but frankly they were cheesy 20 years ago, and they embraced it then, so why not now? Plus, they can still do a decent anthem, that’s for sure; this has presumably been released with some sort of upcoming album in mind, and having a recognisable sing-along chorus number never hurts (see again: ‘Beverly Hills’). My advice would be to do what I did: forget it’s by Weezer, just listen to the song, and treat it as a bit of fun. I liked it. Now, I have to go and listen to ‘Holiday’ again.


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