Daily Dose: ‘Caribou’ by Pixies

I was a bit young for Pixies the first time around, and I didn’t pick up on it as a teenager because I wasn’t into alternative rock at the time. Fortunately, quality is permanent, so I took the time to acquaint myself with the bands work pretty thoroughly in my adulthood. You sort of have to, if you consider yourself educated about music, given the influence that the Boston band supposedly had on the development of rock in the nineties and beyond. This song is the first track on their first mini-EP, Come on Pilgrim (September 28, 1987). It is apparently about reincarnation, and indeed, goes pretty heavy on the religion lyrically, which is fine, that’s a tried and tested treasure trove for writers everywhere. Most importantly, though, is the fact that this song still sounds so unbelievably fresh. Oh sure, it sounds unhinged as well, but it’s easy to hear in this song why this was such an important stepping stone musically: a huge amount of stuff that came subsequently owes them an unquestionable debt. On a personal note, they may have never got big attention in the states, but they were so big in Europe that I remember people listening to them while I was in school, and I did not go to a particularly trendy school. Also, they must be a cool band, because a Caribou is a very cool animal. Case closed.


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