Daily Dose: ‘Here Come The Rattling Trees’ by The High Llamas

I have no idea what the flip is going on with this, but it’s fairly kooky, to say the least. This sounds like it came straight from someone’s 1970’s psychedelic drug trip to the stars and back, but it didn’t! It actually came from an upcoming album (of the same name) by The High Llamas, slightly crazed indie pop peddlers from London with one of the best names going (see, llamas live in high places. They also smoke tons of weed, hence the joke). This track (and presumably the album as well) is apparently “A musical narrative”, which frankly is a great mission statement for any song, and it lives up to its billing here, in as much that I have no real idea what’s going on but it sounds absolutely lovely. Honestly, speaking from personal experience, this is incredibly good music for de-stressing and calming down so give it a shot if you find yourself getting a bit wound up for whatever reason. Also, its unapologetic jankyness and retro vibe made me initially think of Sesame Street crossed with the more spaced out Cream records, which is about as high praise as it is possible to lavish upon a song. As far as I’m concerned, there is always room for this kind of music, and I for one will be consuming the album in its entirety when it comes out. I think we could all go for a bit more musical narrative in our lives, especially when it sounds as peaceful as this.


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