Daily Dose: ‘All The Rest Is Noise’ by Formation

This is quite pleasant, if not especially distinctive, with repeated bass and synth loops being the order of the day. Bands have made a career on less, however, so I can’t really judge. I do really like the mini-chorus effect going on though, it adds a nice bait and switch element to a song that could otherwise feel quite sparse. The lyrics don’t especially grab me, but I approve of their slight sneeriness at the concept of “noise”, there does seem to be too much of that going around. They have a vaguely club (a reasonably upmarket club I’d wager, one were you have to put on a nice shirt and shoes to get in) sound to them which I suspect will stand them in good stead down the road. These guys are from South London (seems like a popular place for new bands to be from at the moment), and I can’t decide whether I like their band name or not, it feels like it could be one of those that is slightly unhelpful to search for on the internet and I’ve never been a big fan of that kind of deliberate obfuscation, but whatever, some people like being awkward, I guess. They like to think of it as being mysterious, but we know better.


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