Daily Dose: ‘Loving Arm’ by Metronomy

This is quite a weird little number. It’s fairly simple, yet I knew the first time I heard it that I was going to be somewhat entranced by it. It’s from Metronomy’s breakthrough album The English Riviera, and it splits its focus between slightly groovy low key ambience and off kilter jazzy keyboard riffs and solos. The lyrics are simple enough but somewhat obtuse in their meaning, for instance, I’d like to highlight the fact that our protagonist seems to “like to get results”, despite it not being entirely clear what he is attempting to get results in. I love the subdued, constrained nature of this track, as well as the fact that it is both incredibly straightforward and slightly intimidating. The English Riviera, by the way, for those who thought that such a thing was a myth (like myself), is in Devon, apparently being synonymous with the borough of Torbay. I mention this because while undoubtedly seeming slightly alien, this track still has a perverse Englishness about it, helped by its talk of driving down the coast and almost gloomy sounding keyboards (I like to think this represents the English weather). It’s from a really good album, and I’d suggest giving it a listen (Love Letters, the follow up, is also great). This probably won’t be anyone’s favourite track from it other than mine, but music works in a funny way like that sometimes. If it is your favourite, you clearly have fantastic taste.


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