Daily Dose: ‘Outsiders’ by Suede

Boy, this song sure gets in your head. It’s the new single by once forgotten/now resurgent darlings of Britpop Suede, who are preparing to release their seventh studio album, and it’s pretty catchy, but that may have something to do with the sheer amount of times I’ve heard it on the radio. The contrast between the vaguely foreboding guitar widdles and melancholy vocals (or as melancholy as Brett Anderson gets, anyway) in the verse and the typical Suede anthemic chorus works quite well, and the technical aptitude and production are at a level that you’d expect from a group of their pedigree. It also helps that, while he does talk some rubbish, Anderson does have one of more distinctive voices in the business. As a track, it bops along nicely enough, with its requisite bridges and guitar solo, and the ease with which it is possible to call it to mind certainly suggests that it will prove popular enough to give the upcoming album a boost. Apparently, there is going to be a full length film to along with the album, which I guess is something that artistic types do if they really have a product they like. Anyway, the song does enough to be vaguely memorable without really marking much of a change in formula for the band. Then again, why change a working formula?


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