Daily Dose: ‘Deliverance’ by Mr. Scruff

Went to Bristol for a concert (and I guess to see friends) this week, so I’ll do a quick round-up of this week’s tracks today. I’ll talk a bit more about the gig on Sunday, but a quick Clive’s notes: it was an Epica gig, it was pretty good and I had a nice time.

So I’m really liking Mr. Scruff’s work, and his most recent album, Friendly Bacteria (2014), at the moment. It’s a really neat collection of downtempo electronica that’s enjoyable to listen and chill out to but interesting enough to maintain engagement. Every time I felt like it may have been starting to lose impetus a bit some new hook or beat came along and got me right back along. This track is the nu-jazz infused electronica that Scruff does so well, but it does a real good job of getting groovy while still feeling relaxed. Like pretty much the whole album it smartly doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it’s sparser and trippier than a lot of other stuff I’ve heard from him – I reckon that’s a better look for the Scruffmeister (as his friends don’t call him). It’s a really fun listen, which is the most important thing, and you would struggle to not at least nod your head to it if you heard it. Or you could be like me, and really push the boat out with some foot tapping. Crazy.


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