Daily Dose: ‘Capsule’ by Menomena

I’m finally back at a proper desk! Hooray. And I’ve got some catching up to do, so I’m going to try and get through that all today (or as much as I can). Ready? Away we go.

Menomena are an (indie) rock band from Portland, Oregon, which I suppose is the mecca for this sort of music. This is from their fifth album Moms, which is about, somewhat unsurprisingly, their mothers. It’s their first work since being reduced to a duo, and I reckon the change was good for them. I find it more mellow overall, and I prefer it a lot to their earlier work, which sometimes drove me to distraction. This track is in two distinct sections, the song bit at the beginning, and then the extended playout at the end. I’m not always a huge fan of big outros, but here it’s actually by far my favourite part of the song – it’s a real head nodder, and it’s got a jazziness to it which sounds a bit different combined with the distorted guitars. For this track, they’ve tempered the huge drums and twangy guitar with some fresher sounds, I think it works very well. That other stuff is all still there, and it’s more prevalent on other points of the album, but here there’s some nice piano going on underneath and I think it really brightens up the sound. Plus, I think there’s a flute going on there as well? Like it. It sounds actually really fresh, and groovy without being heavy, and I got a real kick out of it.


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