Daily Dose: ‘Steady’ by The Staves

The Staves are a folk trio of sisters, and are easily the nicest thing that ever has or ever will come out of Watford. Based on interviews I’ve heard with them, they seem like wonderful ladies. This is from their second album, If I Was, which was produced by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, so they certainly keep proficient company in their work colleagues. The album came out in March, and could conceivable have been Mercury nominated (at least in my eyes), y’know, if the Mercury judges didn’t hate folk now.

I really adore this track, it’s my favourite thing off the album by far. Like in other places, the beautiful voices of the sisters and their lovely harmonies are prominent, but on this track they take us to a few unexpected places (such as in the layered bridge, which is a delight). The instrumentation on the track is low in the mix to give the vocals room, and musically it feels very similar to the best bits of Bon Iver, the drums especially – there’s a lot going on, but it still manages to feel wonderfully sparse and atmospheric. If you like really high quality folk style harmonisation, then this track is the place to get it.


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