Daily Dose: ‘Feel You’ by Julia Holter

Multiple catchup update time! Everyone’s favourite time of the year.

The music video for this is Julia Holter and her very nice looking dog, which is as good a concept for a music video as any other, I suppose. I note that, in support of the theory that pets take after their owners, both Julia and the dog possess what can only be described as “sad eyes”. I can only assume that this is a common side effect of living in Los Angeles, like Holter does, as the emptiness and vulgarity of LA gnaws away at your soul until your only way of interacting with the world remains the dull black pupils enclosed behind infinite sorrow. Anyhoo, this song is from her fourth album, Have You In My Wilderness, which came out last month, and unlike that introduction, is fairly cheery. This track is fairly typical of the intricate baroque pop on the LP, and I’m finding myself liking it more and more (I wasn’t sure about her voice at first). It’s got a breezy, heavenly feel to the music, tempered by the sometimes very real narrative explored in the lyrics. She weaves a good tale in this track, speaking of running away to Mexico City and her observations about the overbearing world that we find ourselves in. It’s nice, if perhaps not world changing, and it’s a good introduction to Julia and her friendly dog.


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