Daily Dose: ‘Sapokanikan’ by Joanna Newsom

So, Joanna Newsom is something of a mystery wrapped in an enigma to me. She’s worked on The Muppets, she plays a mean harp, she’s a darling of the independent music scene, she’s released three albums – okay, so I know bits and bobs. This is from her upcoming next release, Divers (October 23, 2015). There’s some nice contrast in this track (highly technical musical analysis in parenthesis). The verses to have a bit of a showtunes vibe to it (husky vocals and plonky piano), whilst the chorus feels more folk like (delicate vocals and tinkly piano), which makes for a lovely contrast. Some commentators have declared a slight Kate Bush feel to proceedings, which I’d guess is derived from the ending where it all goes slightly bonkers for a change. I can understand the comparison, but it feels mainly just because they both have slightly squeaky high pitched voices and make somewhat quirky music – they feel quite distinct to me. I like this track, especially the choruses, which I think are really beautiful. I could only find it on Youtube so far, perhaps with the album release it will be around more.

The Youtube video, by the way, is her looking pretty skipping around the city with long hair and a fancy coat, as I believe is the style these days.


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