Daily Dose: ‘Night Swimmers’ by Foals

Foils have tried to take their sound to a new place on their most recent album, What Went Down , and I applaud them for the attempt. I didn’t dislike their lighter indie rock offerings from before, I just think it’s nice to see a band deliberately challenge themselves a bit more. It’s resulted in a harder, more jagged sound, from what I’ve heard of the record so far, but retains its relative accessibility.

This track is the first thing I’ve heard from them that’s really made me sit up and take notice. It’s got a funky worldbeat vibe to it that makes it a very pleasant listen, while for some reason reminding me of some of Doves spicier earlier work. What really gives it life though, are the powerful guitar riffs towards the end, which combine with the busy drums to provide that rockier feel that they were so keen on for this album. As a song, it tries to tick a lot of boxes: posses a bit of a mystical element, have a big enough beat to dance too, be rocky enough to be a head nodder, and it kind of succeeds at all of them without feeling over compromised. Good holiday song, too.


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