Daily Dose: ‘New Name’ by Sinkane

Sinkane (aka Ahmed Gallab) seems like a really cool dude. In the interviews I’ve heard with him he just seems like such a happy, chill guy, and that comes across in his solo music. A long time session musician, he’s worked with bands such as Yeasayer and Caribou and has real worldly presence to his creations (he was born in London but has lived in the Sudan and the USA). His stuff is a good blend of musical styles that feels really natural, and is catchy as all hell without being intrusive. This song is funky, has great bass, it’s got all the things you’d look for in a laid chilling track, but you could also quite easily dance to it if required, with the head nodding beat and fluid horns that give it a fresh sounding afropop flavour whilst still feeling distinct musically. It’s off his most recent album, Mean Love, which, from what I have heard so far, has a real lovely summery groove to it, and I look forward to listening to it all when a nice day shows up and I can sit outside with a beer and do my best impression of a man without a care in the world. Regardless, this songs good. Unless you are dead inside, you’ll probably like it.


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