Daily Dose: ‘Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair’ by Hooton Tennis Club

The title sounds like Fall Out Boy did copious amount of pot and got really relaxed before deciding on the song titles for their next album, doesn’t it? Additionally, it turns out that Hooton Tennis Club is actually a real organisation, but they prefer Hooton Lawn Tennis Club. C’mon guys, sort it out; you just can’t make this kind of rookie mistake in the professional music industry.

These guys sound like a cross between Weezer and Real Estate, which sounds like a musical combination I would like, and ‘Kathleen etc. etc.’ is nice enough, if a little naive sounding perhaps, but that rawness is part of the charm, I suppose. It doesn’t wear out its welcome, either, which for this kind of popish lo-fi is a good quality. It feels promising enough, and for four twenty-somethings from the Wirral it appears to have been a pretty good way of having some fun while making a start in the music business. At the end of the day it didn’t really thrill me but other people may appreciate its simple indie joy a bit more than I did, and because of it brevity it doesn’t take too long to try it out.


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