Daily Dose: ‘Fingers Never Bleed’ by Yeasayer

First off, apologies for the lack of longform reviews; I’ve been working on Theatre Projects for the last couple of weeks and have only just returned home. Anyway, Yeasayer are a band that I first heard a couple of years back with the release of Odd Blood, an album that, despite being unable to hear four of the songs off it for about a year due to a technical issue, I still really loved. Then, to my shame, they fell off my radar, so I completely missed the release of 2012’s Fragrant World. This is the opening track from it, and feels like they’ve taken their work from the last album and run it through the spooky kaleidoscope a few times. I really like the sound, it’s eerie and unworldly enough to be really interesting while not being so much as to be inaccessible. The muzzy horns give it a real ominous quality which provide a nice counter point to when the groove kicks in, as is to say “Yeah, we’ve got a bit of a jam going on here, but it’s still really creepy so you’d better watch out”. It has enough synths and beats, as well as the sharp but uncomplicated lyrics, to still be recognisable as Yeasayer, while being enough of a difference from their previous work to get me intrigued. If you like very spacey, mysterious worldbeat then definitely give this a look.


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