Daily Dose: ‘Ultimate Painting’ By Ultimate Painting

From the album Ultimate Painting. They also have a guitar called Ultimate Painting, and I believe it’s the name of the bands tour van as well.* Normally I like it when bands do something a little bit creative with heir album titles, but if you’re going to make a big deal of a name, then I respect the decision to really go all in. Nominally this is something of an UK indie musician supergroup, if such a thing exists, combining members from Veronica Falls and Mazes, and it sounds okay! It’s not my favourite song on the LP (that’s the moody ‘Riverside’, why is it I always seem to like the most miserable song), but it encapsulates that jangly indie pop sound that represents most of the album. It’s not really a sound I associate with the UK much, I sorta imagine in my head as being a very East Coast US affair from bands like Real Estate, but regardless. It’s pleasant and uplifting while having a kind of slapdash quality to it that I think is kind of neat. Good music to just sit back and pop a couple beers to while you watch the world go by.

*(None of this sentence is true)


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