Daily Dose: ‘Sunny Side Up’ by Faith No More

This record pretty well captures how I feel when I wake up in the morning, namely, grungy, annoyed sounding and desperate to shout at something, and for that I have nothing but appreciation. Fantastic opening lyric as well: ‘I’ll be your leprechaun, shamrock or lucky charm’, in fact, I really like all the lyrics here. Faith No More are from San Francisco and have been knocking around basically for ever, and although Sol Invictus is their first album since 1997, it’s not a massive departure from what went before. It’s still the funky hard rock/alt metal concoction that it was all those years ago, and it maybe suffers from being a bit in-the-middle. I can’t bring myself to dislike this track, however, and it bops along fairly inoffensively even if it doesn’t turn over much new ground. If you’re like me, listen to this track if you want to be reminded that no matter how awful you feel when you wake up, there’s always someone who feels worse


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