Daily Dose: ‘Manner of Words’ by East India Youth

East India Youth is actually just one bloke from Bournemouth called William Doyle, which to be honest is a pretty good name all by itself. He makes some top notch experimental electronic ambient music, and while his first album Total Strife Forever was Mercury nominated, I’d make his second offering Culture Of Volume an early favourite to win this year’s award (although the bookies seem to think it will be Jamie xx, the bookies are very often wrong). It includes such gems as this track, which I personally think is electronic music at its most beautiful. It’s a haunting, atmospheric, moody production that builds into the lovely harmonised refrain at the end of the main track, before seguing into the ambient outro. For me, ‘Manner of Words’ is a great example of repetition done correctly in a song; it’s such a hard thing to judge and get right, especially in electronic music, and this nails it. I could happily listen to it on repeat for hours, and I don’t mind admitting that I have done exactly that today.


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