Daily Dose: ‘Chipotle’ by Crooked Weather

Was at the Humber Street Sesh today, which is basically a big street festival with tons of local bands, food, beer and general merriment. I spent most of my time in the metal warehouse, but I also nipped around and saw some of the other things going on. Like most things in the city of Hull, it is also a huge excuse for a piss up.

Anyway, this track was from one of the bands I saw. It’s pretty stark country music, so if that’s not your deal then turn away now. I adore the grim bleakness that they bring to their records, and this one is no exception. This chipotle sounds like the worst chilli that ever did set foot in this bar, as tumbleweeds make their way over the prairie outside. It’s also fantastic hangover music: the sort of tune where you can just sit back, nurse your head, and fully appreciate the majesty of your terrible life decisions.


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