Daily Dose: ‘The One You Love’ by Rufus Wainwright

“But no words, ever could sell you, sell you on me, after all that I have done”. Story of my life, mate.

It must be pretty good to be Rufus Wainwright. You come from amazing musical pedigree, are attractive with incredible hair and sideburns, and get to wander around and perform shows in North America in melancholy music videos occasionally flanked by beautiful women (and men). Heard an interview recently with him and he seems like an affable, funny chap, writes opera now. I’m actually pretty late to the Rufus party, I know some of his work but only heard this song relatively recently, and I think it’s wonderful. It’s got this slightly sinister folk vibe to what appears to be on the surface a fairly routine pop song (not that there’s anything wrong with that), which gives me the sense whenever I listen to it of impending tragedy, at least until the bridge kicks in and makes everything okay again. It’s a great tune to sing along to as well, which always improves a track in my eyes, due to Wainwright junior’s friendly register and way with words. Perhaps most importantly, this seems a good entry point to RW if you’re looking to listen to more of his pretty musical things.


One thought on “Daily Dose: ‘The One You Love’ by Rufus Wainwright

  1. So the current plan is to build a Daily Dose playlist and see how it works…. I like the Wainwright, but then I liked his dad’s stuff too – especially the more surreal songs.


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